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Energy chain increases uptime for Jaguar Land Rover

08 March 2013

Jaguar Land Rover has reduced the downtime on one of its factory robots by 66 by installing equipment from energy chain specialist, igus UK.

Triflex RS is a very compact multi-axial energy supply system that safely houses the energy cables, and as a result, enables manufactures to increase reliability and make operational cost savings.

Jaguar Land Rover was experiencing a high rate of problems on a robot in its car factory.  This was caused by the cable management hose, as it kept falling into the robot’s working range. The company identified a need to reduce the downtime, and called on energy chain specialists igus for a reliable solution.

igus recommended its Triflex RS 6-axis robot energy chain, which has been developed specifically for applications in harsh industrial environments.  Since the robot has been equipped with new energy chain system, Jaguar Land Rover has achieved a significant increase in uptime as the Triflex RS universal module pulls the energy lines back after every movement, keeping the working range free.

igus’ Triflex RS energy chain is lightweight, cost-effective, has a high torsional stability and a small bend radius and pitch, which all combine to solve the common design problems for applications in confined spaces to safely carry the energy supply..