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Miniature Photcells & Temperature Sensors

15 March 2013

Hannover 2013 sees the launch of many new ideas from ifm electronic.

The new O6 range of miniature photocells is characterised by high levels of optical performance, especially in harsh areas. Designed primarily for wet environments, the first of this completely new range is manufactured in a fully stainless steel housing, with mounting holes compatible with existing devices. The sensor has been optimised to cope with water droplets, steam etc, which may occur in a food production plant.

Some ground-breaking new photoelectrics will also be on view in the form of two completely new devices designated O1D and O5D. Constructed as diffuse photocells, i.e. for direct detection of objects, these two will offer users the opportunity to detect product at longer ranges than were previously possible. In fact, they are said to offer performance comparable to retro-reflective (reflex) sensors but without the need for a reflector. New technologies ensure that despite the long range, there will be no false switching caused by reflective objects in the background. Alternative uses would include mounting a photocell above a work area well out the way of an operator, while still detecting small objects reliably.

The new TD range of temperature sensors is also something to watch for – the TD is a loop-powered temperature switch with built-in display. These will be available for food production applications, as the process fittings are designed for hygienic installation.

New versions of ifm’s successful LMT level sensor range will be displayed. The LMT has no moving parts, yet is capable of detecting levels of difficult, sticky substances while ignoring a build-up. With replacement of tuning forks in mind, the new LMTs have longer housings for better penetration into vessels.