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IO-Link master for control cabinets

22 April 2024

AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY specialist, ifm has unveiled the industry standard IO-Link master for control cabinets with IoT connection, marking a significant advancement in industrial automation and Industry 4.0 infrastructure security.

One key highlight of this innovative solution is its ability to securely exchange data between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) levels in the industrial ecosystem. IoT-enabled IO-Link master modules act as decentralised gateways in the automation network, enabling seamless data transmission from connected sensors to the fieldbus. This secure connection to the IT level is achieved through a dedicated IoT Ethernet socket, with data transmitted via the established TCP/IP JSON interface. This setup allows businesses to process crucial data within the IT level and integrate it with ERP systems while ensuring the safety of their installations in the Industry 4.0 landscape.

The convenience and efficiency of the IO-Link master for control cabinets with IoT connection are further enhanced by the intuitive moneo|configure free software. This user-friendly tool automatically detects the entire IO-Link infrastructure, organising it in a defined tree structure for easy management. Masters and sensors are conveniently displayed along with their respective parameters, enabling centralised control and configuration within the software.

In addition, the seamless integration of sensors and actuators is facilitated through standard M12 connection cables without screening. These connections are securely established using removable cage clamps on the IO-Link master, allowing for the connection of up to 8 IO-Link sensors per master and a total power supply of up to 3.6 A, with cable lengths of up to 20 meters.

The IO-Link master's key features include the separation of the automation and IT network for enhanced protection against unauthorised access, product versions that enable simple connection to all common fieldbuses, and easy parameter setting of master and devices using the moneo configure free software.

ifm's IO-Link masters for control cabinets with IoT connection of type AL19xx represents a pivotal step towards ensuring the seamless integration of OT and IT levels, bolstering security, and maximising operational efficiency in Industry 4.0 environments.