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MIRO Safe+  Safety Relays for all Applications

13 March 2013

Making sure that both employees and the machines are protected is important. That's why safety technology is a major topic in machine building and plant engineering. Murrelektronik's MIRO SAFE+ safety relays are the perfect solution to reach safety standards up to performance level e (PLe) according to EN 13849-1.

MIRO SAFE+ Switch H L 24 has many impressive universal qualities: This module is suitable for emergency stops, guard doors, light curtains and magnetic switch applications. It has three N/O and one N/C contact and can be used either with or without start-button monitoring.

MIRO SAFE+ Switch H 48-230 is a universal module with a wide voltage input range. This safety relay was made for applications with 48 - 230V AC (for example, in the US) for emergency stop applications and guard door monitoring. It can be used both with and without start-button monitoring.

MIRO SAFE+ T 1 24 is good at time management. This module is the perfect solution for applications that require both instantaneous and delayed contacts. This relay allows you to individually set delays of up to 30 seconds. With a width of only 22.5 millimeters, it's also very compact. MIRO SAFE+ T 2 24 features two, time-delayed contacts and a width of 45 millimeters.

MIRO SAFE+ Switch ECOA 24 is a basic version. It is suitable for guard doors, emergency stops and light curtain applications and it is equipped with screw terminals. This is an ideal alternative for applications that do not require a monitored start button.

Here are some of the excellent MIRO SAFE+ safety relay benefits: it's easy to identify with labels, LED status displays on the front of the relay, cross-circuit fault detection that you can switch off makes it flexible, convenient connection with pluggable spring clamp terminals in quick connection technology and coding elements that help you identify the terminals.