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Precise dispensing with fast & easy programming

15 January 2015

Combining precise dispensing with fast and easy programming, Nordson EFD’s new PRO Series of automated fluid dispensing systems delivers a complete, vision-guided automated dispensing solution.

Nordson EFD introduces its new series of automated fluid dispensing systems for streamlined integration into any manufacturing operation. The PRO Series integrates vision and laser height sensing with closed-loop encoding to provide a complete automated solution that is quick to set up, easy to program and operate, and with advanced dispensing capabilities.

The PRO Series has a smart vision CCD camera that captures detailed component part images and converts them into high resolution digital files, a key feature that simplifies tedious programming. The vision system is integrated with EFD's new DispenseMotion™ software, specially designed for precise fluid dispensing.

The PRO4L Series also includes fully integrated laser height sensing that detects height variations on the surface of a product and makes corrections to the dispensing height to prevent uneven deposits and tip or workpiece damage.

The PRO Series’ advanced vision-guided DispenseMotion software simplifies set up and facilitates programming with an on-screen preview of the dispensing path. The dispense tip can be driven to the precise point needed. Tasks of importing and converting DXF, CAD, and Excel files are equally simple. True three-dimensional motion control allows easy programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, compound arcs, and complex patterns.

Nordson EFD’s new systems are specifically designed and configured for precise fluid dispensing using EFD syringe barrel and valve systems. Platform sizes of 200x200, 300x300, 400x400, and 500x500 handle a broad spectrum of customer applications and can work as standalone systems or part of an automated solution. They are easily integrated into in-line transfer systems, rotary tables, and pallet assembly lines.