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Gantry fluid dispensing robot with vision

06 December 2022

NORDSON EFD introduces the vision-guided GV Series automated fluid dispensing gantry robot. Specialised DispenseMotion™ software and an integrated CCD smart vision camera or simple pencil camera make the automated systems quick to set up and easy to program.

The CCD camera converts pixels into digital values to deliver precise, high-quality images. The proprietary dispensing software confirms workpiece presence and placement and automatically adjusts as in-process variations occur.

“With working envelopes that range from 400 mm to 800 mm and unlimited workpiece payloads, the GV Series is ideal for precision fluid dispensing onto substrates requiring large work envelopes while not sacrificing repeatability,” said Johnathan Titone, product line specialist – automated dispensing systems, Nordson EFD. “It’s designed to work as a standalone system or an automated solution, and easily integrates into rotary tables or conveyer-fed automation.”

Other benefits of the system include market-leading dimensional positioning accuracy and deposit placement repeatability at +/- 0.02mm for the 400mm gantry robot and +/- 0.01mm for the 800mm gantry robot. This provides exceptional product quality and reduces rework, rejects, and fluid waste. Intuitive software and vision streamlines training of in-house operators for faster setup and higher productivity.

Verify fluid deposit placement and accuracy with the OptiSure™ automated optical inspection (AOI) software. When paired with the OptiSure confocal laser, the AOI system measures the height of fluid deposits in addition to width and diameter, providing 3D dispense verification.

For more information email uk@nordsonefd.com