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Faster, cheaper jigs and gauges

12 February 2016

Most manufacturing processes require jigs for assembly or gauges for quality control. Now there is a new quicker and cheaper alternative to traditional manufacture in wood and metal.

The drawbacks currently faced in making jigs are familiar whether made in-house or outsourced:

  • Costly
  • Potentially lengthy lead time
  • Compromises on design frequently needed
  • Jig may need to be constructed from several individually produced parts.

Rutland Plastics now offers a jig design and manufacture service using its Stratasys Objet 3D printer.  This innovative approach has been tried and tested in the company’s own manufacturing processes and is now being offered as a standalone service to other manufacturers.  There are a number of advantages to 3D printed jigs:

  • 70% to 90% cheaper
  • 40% to 80% shorter lead times
  • Soft touch/non-scratch features can be easily incorporated
  • Organic shapes easily achievable
  • In most cases the jig can be made in a single build resulting in improved accuracy and performance

In addition to assembly jigs a number of QC gauges and checking devices have also been successfully produced using this method.

As manufacturers themselves Rutland Plastics understands the importance of good design and their experience can be used to assist you with the design of your requirements as well as their manufacture.  Jigs can be designed during the day, printed overnight and be ready for use the following day.

Contact Rutland Plastics and see the benefits www.plasticprototypes.co.uk/prototyping_applications/jigs.html