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Profile boost

26 April 2016

Traditionally used for structures such as machine guards and work stations, the versatile MayTec profile system is lending itself to an increasingly wide variety of applications. David Rowe from distributor, Applied Automation Industrial Systems, explains how the company uses MayTec itself and how the market is growing

Everywhere you look in the Applied Automation factory you will see MayTec’s aluminium profile. Enter the front doors and you arrive at the shiny black glass reception desk, the frame is constructed out of profile. On the shop floor, there is a variety of work benches for activities from intricate electrical work to heavy duty assembly work. Our engineering division builds bespoke automated machinery using the MayTec profile for frames, enclosures and guarding.

Applied Automation is expanding rapidly and in the last 12 months has moved to a much larger factory so the Industrial Systems division has more space to store, process and assemble the profile. The new factory is more than twice the size of our previous site and in order to fit out the new space we had to create extra work stations, new room partitions, spray booths, shelves and tables, including a leather topped one for the boardroom. Being able to quickly and easily process the MayTec profile and assemble the structures helped minimise disruption for the teams as we moved.

There are different styles of joints available and the position of cross members is fully adjustable

The MayTec profile has a universal connector system and is extremely robust and stable with a central connection point. All of the profile sizes can be combined with each other and supplied as a complete solution, a self-assembly kit or parts. There are different styles of joints available (mitre, angled and compound angled) and the position of cross members is fully adjustable.

Strength & flexibility

The versatility of the MayTec profile, as well as its strength, gives us great flexibility so we often get orders for more unusual applications. We have built dumb waiters for super yachts, staging for helicopter construction and exhibition stands.

Designers tell us one of the most significant benefits of using MayTec is having access to MayCAD. The unique and powerful 3D software tool is free and hugely popular. It allows designers to very quickly model frames and guards using the MayTec range and is much quicker than a standard CAD package.

The feedback we regularly receive is that designers find it intuitive and easy to use. It generates automated dimensioned drawings, an automated bill of materials and exploded ballooned drawings as a PDF file. Designers can then export those as 3D CAD models in SolidWorks, ProEngineer and generic 3D formats. MayTec also works to continuously improve the software. Some of our machine build customers are now using MayCAD and exporting the models into their own design software or downloading part models from an online library as models in all common 3D CAD formats.

MayTec has a clean room system that is used extensively in electronic, semi-conductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. It uses a profile without T-slots combined with special accessories and is ideal for clean room applications such as machine frames, guarding and work benches or shelving. The MayTec dust protection system can be used with the modular wall system so clean room structures can be built complete with filtration units and integrated controls for monitoring the filter system.

There have also been some recent technical innovations in the MayTec range with Noise Resist. The patented sound absorber reduces noise emissions from machinery. It is a self-supporting aluminium sheet which is micro-perforated by a patented process to generate the optimum airflow resistance for absorbing sound. The Noise Resist panel is framed with profile for a robust structure. For a designer creating a sound proof machine enclosure, this offers the flexibility of MayTec profile along with quick and easy assembly of the modular wall elements of Noise Resist.

Key Points

  • Applied Automation uses MayTec aluminium profile throughout its factory, benefiting from the system's strength and versatility
  • All profile sizes can be combined with each other and supplied as a complete solution, a self-assembly kit or parts
  • Designers have access to MayCAD 3D software, allowing quick modelling of frames and guards using the MayTec range