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17 January 2022

WITH MANUFACTURING companies building new IT and OT infrastructures for edge applications faster than ever before, the required rack systems need to facilitate individual solutions simply, safely and in a future-proof way. The new Rittal VX IT rack system addresses these demands.

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06 March 2019

Flexicon has launched a new range of easy-fit, abrasion rings designed to reduce wear and extend the life of non-metallic, corrugated flexible conduit.

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01 March 2018

Thorite is launching AMAS – Aluminium Modular Assembly System – an extremely flexible extruded aluminium sectional system manufactured by Bosch Rexroth that, says the company, has unlimited capabilities.

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05 February 2018

Project managers who seek cost effective solutions for machine builds, without compromising on superior aesthetics and durability, are reported to choose Alusic. With expertly designed aluminium profiles and accessories, the Alusic range suits most assembly projects.

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23 October 2016

Whilst a significant number of MiniTec systems are found in classic industrial applications, such as machine guarding, conveyors, work stations and the like, the application possibilities also extend to retail, sports and lifestyle projects.

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05 July 2016

At Manufacturing & Engineering North East, on show will be the flexible MiniTec aluminium profile system which can be used in a huge range of applications including machine frames, safety guards, workstations, conveyors, complete turn-key assembly lines and multi-axis positioning systems.

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17 June 2016

When Engranor was contracted to design a new hatchery feeder machine for the fish farming industry, the company turned to HepcoMotion for the fully assembled frame with guidance system.

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01 February 2016

Leading manufacturer of modular aluminium profile building systems, MiniTec, has recently secured a contract with manufacturer of bespoke magnetic shielding systems, Magnetic Shields to design and build a low frequency magnetically shielded room for test purposes.

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26 April 2016

Traditionally used for structures such as machine guards and work stations, the versatile MayTec profile system is lending itself to an increasingly wide variety of applications. David Rowe from distributor, Applied Automation Industrial Systems, explains how the company uses MayTec itself and how the market is growing

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