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IODD on Board

19 May 2016

Murrelektronik is now offering 'IODD on board', allowing users to Plug & Play when integrating IO-Link devices.
 An IODD (IO Device Description) file describes sensors and valves. It contains information about the device’s identity, parameters, process data, diagnosis data, communication properties and other details.

The MVK Metal and Impact67 fieldbus modules have IODD files (for participating manufacturers IO-Link devices) integrated into the GSD file. If those devices - like IO-Link sensors or valve clusters - are included in an installation, this database is available and can be quickly integrated. 

Prior to this each new IO-Link master had to be individually integrated into the software taking up valuable time. If a large number of identical sensors had to be connected, the process had to be repeated for each new device on the network. This was a time consuming and error-prone process. Now, with IODD on board, the IO-Link master is configured by the control – and the setup is complete.

Another interesting feature of these new modules is the option to integrate IO-Link devices via asynchronous access. This option is also available on the new Cube67 IO-Link master module. All of Murrelektronik's new IO-Link modules correspond to IO-Link specification 1.1. and are equipped with IO-Link Class A and B ports.