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M23 Cordsets

26 May 2016

Easy and Sealed Servo Motor Connections

M23 Connectors

Murrelektronik offers high quality, pre-wired M23 connectors for servo motor connections. They are fully sealed, shock and vibration resistant, can be easily mounted and are tamper-proof.

For decades, Murrelektronik has produced high quality M8 and M12 cordsets for sensors and actuators. This experience has served as the basis for the development and production of M23 connectors for servo controllers and servo motors. The time when motor connection cables had to be wired from many individual components is now a thing of the past.

When using Murrelektronik's pre-wired M23 cables with either an orange (power cables) or green (signal cables) jacket, you can be sure these cordsets ensure excellent connections. The integrated anti-vibration lock guarantees secure connections even under challenging conditions, without requiring retightening or additional wiring efforts. The practical hex thread on the connector used in conjunction with the appropriate torque wrench further simplifies installation and maintenance.

Murrelektronik is pleased to announce an expansion of the M23 connector line up with the introduction of 8-pole models. They are designed to supply the most powerful drives and servo motors.

All Murrelektronik M23 connectors feature 360° shielding that ensures very low interference emission. The coding arrow on the housing is a practical installation aid. A conduit retainer along with high-quality Siemens cable and a high quality molding that prevents contamination when exposed to oil in industrial applications are important, additional important benefits of our M23 cables.

The cables are available in 10cm increments with a minimum order quantity of one piece.