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Variable-speed multi-turn actuators

15 June 2016

The proven AUMA SA/SAR range of electric actuators is now enhanced by variable-speed models, thanks to the combination of SAV/SARV .2 multi-turn actuators with intelligent ACV 01.2 actuator controls.

 AUMA is a technology leader in offering an extremely wide speed control ratio, allowing operators to benefit simultaneously from both accurate positioning and rapid operation.

When working in modulating duty, the actuator speed reduces progressively as the valve position approaches the setpoint, giving a significant increase in positioning accuracy. In profile operation, with up to eight pivot points in each direction of travel, automatic speed adjustment ensures rapid travel while minimizing cavitation and pressure surges. Soft start and soft stop allow smooth operation close to the end positions.

Actuator speed can also be controlled externally to take full advantage of additional control variables or algorithms. A further option is absolute speed synchronisation between two actuators.

The new actuators are available in six sizes covering torques up to 1000Nm. Open-close actuators operate within one of two speed ranges: 6-60 and 12 -120rpm. Most of the modulating actuators can also operate in the range 24-240rpm.
AUMA has created the new ACV 01.2 variable-speed controls by integrating a frequency converter into its existing intelligent AC 01.2 actuator controls. The actual multi-turn actuator remains nearly unchanged. For the complete actuator, the designation SAV or SARV designates a variable-speed model combined with ACV 01.2 actuator controls.

For more information see: https://www.auma.com/en/company/news/newsdetail/news/auma-variable-speed-multi-turn-actuators/