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Exlar GSX Series

18 February 2013

If you need a custom design, Exlar’s Application Engineering department will work with you to engineer a solution specifically tailored to your application.

For applications that require long life and contiuous duty, even in harsh environments the GSX Series actuator offers a robust solution. The life of the GSX Series can exceed that of a ball screw actuator by 15X while delivering high speeds and high forces. This compact package

has all the advantages that our GS Series offers.


Sealed for Long Life with Minimum Maintenance

GSX Series actuators have strong advantages whenever outside contaminants are an issue. In most rotary-to linear devices, critical mechanisms are exposed to the environment. Thus,they must be frequently inspected, cleaned and lubricated.In contrast, the converting components in all Exlar GSX units are mounted within the sealed motor housing. With a simple bushing and seal arrangement on the smooth extending rod, abrasive particles or other contaminants are prevented from reaching the actuator’s critical mechanisms. This assures trouble-free operation even in the most harsh environments.

Lubrication requirements are minimal. GSX actuators can be lubricated with either grease or recirculated oil.Grease lubricated units will run up to10,000 hours without re-greasing.

Recirculated oil systems eliminate this type of maintenance altogether. A GSX Series actuator with a properly operating recirculating oil system will operate indefinitely without any other lubrication requirements