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FT Series - Linear Actuators

18 February 2013

Exlar FT Series force tube actuators use a planetary roller screw mounted inside a telescoping tube mechanism. The follower is attached to the moveable force tube,which then extends and retracts as the screw rotates. An external motor (supplied by Exlar or the customer) provides the rotational force.

High Load Capacity, Long Life

As with all Exlar's roller screw products, the FT Series force tubes provide high load capacity, high speed capabilities and exceptionally long life when compared to other actuator technologies, such as acme or ball screws. Other comparably-sized screw actuator products on the market - specifically ball screw and acme screw actuators - have relatively low load capacities, short working lives and limited speed capabilities. At equivalant sizes, under moderate to heavy loads, it is reasonable to project that FT units will deliver up to 15X the working life of those other designs. For OEM designers, this often means much more power and durability can be achieved from a much smaller footprint when Exlar FT units are used.

Contamination Protection and Lifetime Lubrication

The FT Series design has all the contamination-isolation advantages of hydraulic cylinders without the limited load, life, and speed of designs built around ball or acme screws. All converting components in the Exlar FT Series force tubes are mounted within the sealed housing. This prevents abrasive particles and other contaminants from entering the actuator's critical mechanisms, and assures trouble-free operation even in the most severe environments.

FT Series actuators are provided with standard grease lubrication. Custom provisions can be made for oil filled lubrication.

Engineered Compatibility

Exlar has removed much of the end-user-engineering burden by designing the FT series to be compatible with a wide variety of standard motors. Motor mounting, actuator mounting, and gearing configurations are available to meet nearly any application's requirements.