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Safety controller

01 January 2017

The new Safety Controller c250-S from Lenze enables machine drive, control and safety technology to be brought together.

The integration of the functional safety into the automation system so that programming requires just one engineering tool based on PLCopen, makes the system design easier and reduces the number of interfaces/components. This saves time and money, and ultimately it also increases the machine’s availability and flexibility.

The c250-S controller comprises a Safety Controller, Safety Bus Coupler and Safety I/O Module. Standard control messages and safety messages are transmitted over EtherCAT with full PLCopen compatibility.

In addition the direct networking of the Lenze controllers with ready-made software solutions from the Lenze FAST Application Software Toolbox simplifies system design. In practice it means, for example, that a pre-configured FAST module can control a traversing speed while the safety control simultaneously monitors the safe maximum speed within the system.

This expansion of the Lenze portfolio creates many advantages for the builders of machines and systems, not only through savings in wiring and hardware costs. Projects can be implemented faster because there are no longer any differences in the software tools for drive technology and safety. Interface problems and the time-consuming need for familiarising oneself with software from different manufacturers are now in the past. This uniformity also makes it possible, via EtherCAT, to show more detailed diagnosis messages: for example, “Supply voltage too low” instead of a simple “Error” message. Making more information available in this way means that valuable time savings can be made during commissioning or servicing.