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Waterproof motor & drive solutions

14 February 2017

Meeting the needs of operators in applications such as food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical processing, who are under pressure meet the highest standards of hygiene, Gibbons Engineering Group offers waterproof electric motors and variable speed drives.

Failure to maintain cleanliness standards of electric motors and other equipment can result in product contamination, not to mention reduced efficiency and premature failure. The problem is that washdowns with high-pressure water jets not only risk damage to motors and drives, they also spray debris onto equipment, which finds its way beneath rating plates and cooling fins. This provides a perfect place for bacteria to thrive, while the ingress of water can permanently damage components.

Gibbons recently launched its stainless steel motor and ABB ACS355 drive package,  offering dust-tight equipment that is fully resistant to high-pressure water jets. The company's stainless steel motors have a completely smooth surface free of cooling fins or rating plates. There’s no paint to peel, chip or flake off, and the IP69K totally enclosed non ventilated (TENV) casing means they can withstand powerful water jets.

For optimal speed control and energy efficiency, Gibbons can couple the motors with ABB ACS355 variable-speed drives, which are rated at IP66/67 ingress protection – meaning they’re dust tight and impervious to water. Plus, a keypad membrane cover means the unit can be operated normally in all conditions.