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Enhanced to Withstand Tough Environments

01 November 2012

Expert in AC variable speed drive technology, Vacon has enhanced its NXP range of premium drives.

Said to be already renowned for their ability to operate reliably in the most demanding applications, the enhancements, which include the adoption of conformal coating for control boards, make the new drives even better able to withstand the effects of prolonged operation in tough environmental conditions.

In addition to the new protective coating, the NXP control board has also been completely redesigned, with critical components upgraded to optimise temperature stability, and with a new processor that offers a 15% performance improvement over its predecessor. This is a particular benefit for OEM customers who develop their own application software for the drives.

Other enhancements include the use of varnished cards and option boards in all power modules rated at 72A and above, and redesigned cooling channels to ensure optimal cooling and experience-based optimisation of protection limits.

For air-cooled drives in the range, a new fan assembly, which is 50% more efficient than its predecessor, further improves the reliability of the drives and extends operating life. Water-cooled drives in the range are now optionally available with an integrated brake chopper, which provides even more space savings when using these already compact units.