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Raising robot literacy

15 May 2017

Cobots are shaping the education industry by giving students the opportunity to learn about robotics first hand. Within interactive learning environments, students are introduced to automation and industrial applications, mastering robot programming in minutes.

To further lower the automation barrier, Universal Robots has developed the Universal Robots Academy, an e-learning program containing six modules designed to maximise user engagement.

CTO and founder of Universal Robots, Esben Østergaard, explains that it is unusual in the industry to make robot training curriculum of this kind available for free.

“But this is a long-term investment for us. We want to raise the robot literacy and the reason for speeding up the entry of cobots is not only to optimize production here and now,” says Østergaard. “We are facing a looming skills gap in the manufacturing industry that we need to bridge by all means possible. Facilitating knowledge creation and access to our robots is an important step in that direction. We’re excited to see the educational sector actively incorporating the Academy modules in their curriculum.”

The Universal Robots Academy contains six free online modules, is open to everybody, and available in English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese.