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Ultra-narrow power supplies

11 September 2017

RS Components (RS) has announced availability of the fourth generation of LOGO!Power power supplies from Siemens. These new ultra-narrow power supply units have the same design as the Siemens LOGO!8 logic controllers and deliver up to 100W for distribution boards, as well as being fully compatible with the third-generation range of devices.

The portfolio now includes two additional devices as well as additional functionalities and scope for a range of applications including: industrial automation, such as simple packaging machines, garbage presses, conveyor belts and sorting systems; and in building automation, such as lighting controls, heating control system extensions, or door and gate controls. The series also offers an extended operating temperature range from –25 to +70°C, enabling their use in cold environments.

Offering housing widths of 18 to 72 mm, the compact fourth-generation devices offer a narrower width reduced by 18 mm with respect to the previous generation, which allows more flexible mounting on DIN rails in distribution boards or directly on walls or ceilings. They can also be mounted side-by-side with other devices, for example, supplying power to adjacent LOGO! intelligent logic modules.

Providing outstanding energy efficiency both in standby and running operation, the series offers efficiencies of up to 90 per cent over the entire load range, and no-load losses of less than 0.3W. The integrated current monitor also helps during commissioning and servicing: current output can be read out in real-time as a voltage value using a measuring point. The disconnection of cables for conventional current measurement is no longer required and the system continues to be supplied with direct voltage without interruption. The series also offers a diagnostic LED ‘DC OK’ signal to indicate status.

The series extends the LOGO!Power portfolio with two new output variants offering 24V/0.6 A and 12V/0.9A. Including these two units, the series comprises a total of 11 devices with regulated and adjustable output voltages of 5, 12 15 and 24V supplying an output of up to 100W. Their wide-range input allows these power supply devices to be operated with all single-phase supply networks at 110 to 240V AC nominal voltage, and even with direct voltage networks at 110 to 300V DC without the need to switch over.

RS and Siemens are working closely together to enable a smooth transition to this latest range. This will include holding stock of the existing range for as long as possible, while also delivering the new generation of products for those customers working on new designs that want to take advantage of the latest features and technologies.

The new Siemens LOGO!Power power supplies are shipping now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.