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SKF power transmission products help simplify the supply chain

12 October 2017

Power transmission products play an important role in overall bearing performance and are the vital link between moving parts in equipment. By creating its own range of power transmission products, SKF can offer products that are well-matched and give engineers a wide design choice according to performance and cost considerations.

Bringing power transmission products under a single brand offers significant user benefits apart from the confidence that comes from using a well-known brand. SKF can provide a convenient single supply source for products and services with over 30,000 items in stock. This, in turn, offers the chance to simplify logistics to end users and reduce administrative work.

As bearings and other power transmission components work together in applications used in many industries, many bearing problems and failures can be identified through the knowledge of power transmission. Examples of those industries are food and beverage, oil and gas, pulp and paper, textile, metalworking, packaging, mining, mineral processing and cement, agriculture and material handling. Combining an understanding of bearing systems with power transmission gives SKF the opportunity to enhance the support available to users.

All SKF power transmission products are identified by an SKF specific designation prefix. Apart from that, the designation follows international standards for easy recognition and cross-referencing. The SKF power transmission range covers most common types of products, which can be divided into six main categories - belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets, couplings as well as bushings and hubs.   

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