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A new dimension in thermal transfer printing

16 November 2017

The Thermomark Prime is latest offering from Phoenix Contact’s marking system range which offers you a new dimension when printing your terminal, cable, device markers and more.

The Thermomark Prime allows the ability to print markers from your PC using our Clip Project software and  for the first time onsite you can now print directly from the software imbedded on the printer’s LED touch screen. No PC and no power required.

The Thermomark Prime holds enough battery charge for 500-600 print outs and you can store all your print jobs on the device itself for future printing. What’s more, is any print file you create on our Clip Project software can be easily exported to a USB stick and imported to the printer for onsite printing.

The printer uses thermal transfer technology and only takes 8 seconds to print not only saving you time, but of course all markers are smudge-free instantly and resistant to chemicals and solvents.

Not forgetting that Phoenix Contact have the largest marking material offering meaning there’s not much in a control cabinet or machine that the Thermomark Prime can’t mark.

The Thermomark Prime has certainly raised the bar in industrial marking.