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Smallest in class relay

17 January 2018

New from TE Connectivity, the Potter & Brumfield relay T9G series, 30A power PCB relay for HVAC, appliances and industrial control applications is reported to be the smallest relay in its class, with a 30% smaller package size and 13% less PCB floor space, all in the standard footprint. This allows manufacturers to add more components on PCBs without having to compromise on relay performance.

TE’s T9G series is a globally versatile relay with UL, CQC and VDE certifications. Its PCB and quick-connect terminations also make the relay user-friendly and easy to install. TE’s T9G series meets IEC 61810-1 for reinforced insulation due to its breakthrough design where the distance between coil and contacts has been increased, while the overall package is smaller. The benefit is helping to prevent circuit flashover from control to load, resulting in a safer application.

Upgrade existing applications to TE’s T9G series, a relay designed for higher required performance.

  • Better dielectric strength: T9G series has a 4kV between coil and contact rating providing better galvanic isolation
  • Increased surge resistance withstand voltage: T9G series has 8kV rating providing a higher degree of protection for the application.
  • Power reduction: The T9G uses a 900mW coil that provides a 10% power reduction vs. conventional 1W 30A Power PCB relays.