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Home>MACHINE BUILDING & ENGINEERING>Connectors>Sensor actuator and data cables & connectors

Sensor actuator and data cables & connectors

29 January 2018

Weidmüller - Delivering a product and service package with multiple options for customisation that meet all requirements.

Prefabricated and tested cables with plug-in connectors save time and simplify installation in difficult plant conditions. Weidmüller offers a wide range of alternatives, including customised lengths, materials and cables assembled on one end from a batch size of one.

Prefabricated cables are offered, made from PUR, PVC and LSZH in lengths of 1, 3, 5 and 10 m. Transparent labelling sleeves and a wide range of colours ensure a clearer overview during installation. The cables are available with M8, M12, M16, 7/8" and RJ45 plug-in connectors in various sizes and codings, allowing installations for power, signals or data to be clearly separated. 360° shielding, vibration resistance and protection ranging from IP65 to IP69 guarantee fault-free operation. The prefabricated cables can be ordered directly via the online catalogue. Orders can be placed from a batch size of one.

Customised variants can be constructed easily using the online configurator or compiled directly with Weidmüller specialists to coordinate specific wiring arrangements, packages and individual markings. For a seamless logistics process and simple parts replacement, a scannable EAN can be assigned to the cable ex works, ensuring quick identification.

For detailed information visit the Weidmuller website, see the brochure take a look at the SAI configurator, or call on 0845 094 2006.