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Network infrastructure security

08 August 2018

The range of RJ45 jack blockout devices from Panduit ensures the safety and security of a network infrastructure.

Compatible with most RJ45 openings, the blockout device snaps into the RJ45 opening and can only be released using a special removal tool, thus preventing unauthorised access to the network, and saving time and money associated with data security breaches, network downtime, repair and hardware replacement.

Hayo Volker Hasenfus, director Industrial Automation and IoT EMEA, Panduit, said: “The convergence of enterprise IT and the industrial network means a hacker could wreak havoc in a company’s ability to manufacture. Therefore, it is important to adhere to best practices to build a bullet-proof security scheme when converging IT and plant floor networks. This in-depth defence scheme should cover everything from protocols to port physical security.”

Blockout devices can be utilised in any data application that requires RJ45 type connection. They are available in eight colour options to simplify visual identification. Devices feature a compact, low profile design, and can be installed without interfering with adjacent jacks, plugs or connectors, even in high-density applications.