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Clean in place servo motor

08 July 2022

DISTRIBUTED IN the UK by INMOCO, Kollmorgen’s AKMH servo motor for clean in place (CIP) applications now has an extended OEM integration capability with an increased range of design options available.

The motor range delivers up to 20.2Nm continuous torque and 92Nm peak duty, and can be flexibly adapted to improve machine integration with a variety of modifications available to standard products. Various drive and feedback options are also available for the motor that achieves IP69K rating and meets leading hygiene standards.

As well as integration with Kollmorgen’s AKD servo amplifiers for central control cabinet mounting, the AKMH motors also operate with AKD-N servo amplifiers, providing control of distributed axes around a machine. Combined with the AKD-PDMM amplifier, multiaxis control can also be achieved.

The AKMH servo motor can also interoperate with third-party servo drive vendors, using specially configured feedback options, including Hiperface DSL that includes communication over motor shaft position and motor temperature measurement. AKMH also supports Kollmorgen’s SFD3 Digital Resolver the bidirectional feedback system that reduces cost and complexity by using a single hybrid power and feedback cable. An optional brake is also available.

Via Kollmorgen’s co-engineering platform, branded Motioneering, modifications to the standard AKMH servo motor include adaptions to the design and size of the shaft, flange and housing. Two housing types are available, including a front mounting version that ensures a compact drive train solution in conjunction with a gearhead, while the flange version is ideally suited to backwards screw connection. Wider custom changes for specific machine integration can also be achieved for volume OEM designs.

Standard adaptions surround a motor range of five sizes, extending from 0.068kW up to 5.69kW, at motor diameters ranging from 74mm to 168mm. This delivers a continuous torque range from 0.255Nm up to the total of 20.2Nm, while peak torque extends from 1.57Nm to 92Nm. The lower torque models generate up to 8,000rpm, while the larger frame sizes operate at a maximum of 6,000rpm.

316 stainless steel and an IP69K rating means that the AKMH achieves industry standards including 3-A sanitary standards and European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines, in addition to NSF, USDA and BISSC. As well as FDA-approved, food grade lubricant, this means that the AKMH motor and its cable can undergo a full pressurised washdown. Meanwhile, the crevice-free design and hygienic marking method eliminates retention of any pathogens. Together, the design ensures hygiene for sanitary applications, as well as reducing the duration required for wash-down.

Water ingress during washdown is prevented by equalising the pressure within the motor. Both the motor and cable can withstand caustic chemicals used in aggressive detergents.