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Condition monitoring starter kit

15 October 2021

IN ORDER to bring effective, 24/7 condition monitoring to all sizes of business Turck Banner has introduced a self-contained, pre-programmed, starter kit for vibration and temperature monitoring at less than £600.

Condition monitoring uses sensors to monitor equipment and give an early warning of failure. This dramatically reduces costs by allowing planned maintenance instead of catastrophic failure and production loss.

The kit from Turck Banner is designed for the first-time user, with everything included to monitor one motor and receive warnings before failure. However, as it uses the same controller as the company's large condition monitoring systems there is no compromise in performance, or the capabilities to expand into a large scale monitoring system integrating in to existing local and cloud networks.

The IP67 control module does not require a cabinet and connects wirelessly to the sensor, which is easily mounted on a motor, pump or fan, with the magnetic mounting bracket included in the kit.

Once connected, the controller monitors the running vibration and temperature of the motor and sets a baseline operating range. From this baseline the controller intelligently establishes warning and alarm alert levels for this motor. The current motor condition is displayed on a web interface as a Green, Amber or Red icon, with all the historical data shown at the touch of the icon. The web interface allows remote condition display from any browser on any smart phone, tablet or PC. When this is combined with text alerts, maintenance personnel have instant access to the condition monitoring system whenever they need it.

In this configuration the only other thing required is a data sim, nothing more to do, nothing else to pay.

The starter kit has numerous expansion possibilities. Up to 40 wireless sensors can be connected to a single starter kit, the controller is preprogramed for the 40 sensors.

The customer is not locked into the preprogramed cloud configuration. At any time, the controller can be connected to local networks, SCADA, PLCs or other cloud systems. This allows external data gathering, analysis, and integration into existing systems, such as DCS or CMS.

A monophase current monitoring sensor, which Indicates winding failures, stator faults, rotor bar or end ring faults, curved shafts, overload conditions, is also available to compliment the vibration and temperature sensors.

A solution Kit is also available which comprises, the wireless controller, touch screen HMI, power supply and interface in a wall mountable enclosure. This is also preprogramed like the starter kit and is ideal for users wanting local visualisation and analysis.