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Level and flow controller

22 April 2024

EMERSON HAS introduced its next-generation Rosemount 3490 Controller for level and flow measurement applications, which helps to reduce complexity, optimise processes and enhance sustainability.

Designed to maximise ease-of-use, the Rosemount 3490 provides comprehensive control functionality for 4-20 mA or HART® compatible transmitters and is an ideal solution for water, wastewater and process industry applications.

The Rosemount 3490 is the first controller to feature simple-to-programme configuration wizard guides to help users set up the controller, making this procedure significantly less complex and time-consuming. Further enhancing usability, the controller has a modern, intuitive graphical interface, an easy-to-navigate menu structure, and a backlit 4.3-inch colour LCD display, which simplifies ongoing operation and device status readings.

Combining the Rosemount 3490 Controller with Emerson’s non-contacting radar Rosemount 1208C Level and Flow Transmitter enables organisations to achieve accurate and reliable measurements with simple configuration over HART. This helps them to optimise operational efficiency across a broad range of water and wastewater applications, including the automatic control of up to six pumps, filtration operations, sludge handling, and flow in open channels, flumes and weirs. The robust design of the controller and transmitter makes them ideal for use in the harsh environments typically encountered in these applications.

Supporting increased sustainability, the accuracy of the level and flow measurements helps to prevent overfills and water wastage. To help ensure compliance with industry directives and regulations, the Rosemount 3490 simplifies report and documentation handling. It enables a variety of flow measurements to be totalised, differentials to be calculated, and data to be easily logged and shared with regulatory authorities through a web interface via Ethernet connectivity.

“In designing the Rosemount 3490, our focus was firmly on outstanding usability and creating a controller for flow and level measurement applications that is as easy to set up and operate as possible,” said Vladislav Snitko, radar level solutions engineer for Emerson’s measurement solutions business. “The Rosemount 3490 Controller and Rosemount 1208C Level and Flow Transmitter together form a cost-effective, dedicated solution for water and wastewater applications that not only helps organisations to reduce downtime and costs but also safeguards water safety and quality.”