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Electric motion sizing tool

23 November 2022

ENABLING QUICK and simple selection of optimum product solutions, Festo has developed a new new electric motion sizing tool.

The free online tool offers error-free sizing of both rotary and linear applications for electro-mechanical systems. Improving efficiency and accuracy as well as saving time, it enables users to find quick, reliable results without complex calculations to identify the mass moment of inertia. The user simply inputs a small number of parameters, such as mass, stroke/travel distance and cycle time, and the sizing tool promptly identifies which solution is the most economical for those requirements.

The tol is suitable to size both linear and rotary motion applications: either where motors and mechanics must be sized together, or for purely rotary scenarios. Based on the application parameters provided, it delivers up to five optimum solutions and motor curves, which the customer can transfer immediately to the Festo online basket together with full commissioning files. These optimum solutions can then be fine tuned with options such as encoder type, brake and mechanics to be tailored to your particular application.

The sizing tool allows users to view the performance of different options and download the detailed results, choose the most cost-effective option that meets their performance requirements and generates a complete Bill of Materials. The solutions it offers can be seamlessly connected to ProfiNet, EtherCat, or EtherNet IP networks without further work.

Users can also quickly connect to the Festo Automation Suite tool for easy commissioning. The Festo Automation Suite (FAS) allows commissioning engineers to configure all products from remote IO to pneumatic valve terminals, PLCs and servo drives in a single free tool. The commissioning files can be directly imported from the Electric Motion Sizing Tool and FAS automatically connects to the Festo cloud to download project specific documentation and updates within the software. It even incorporates Codesys code for programming PLCs and Motion controllers.

For a demonstration of how to use both the Electric Motion Sizing Tool and Festo Automation Suite, view the Servo Drives on-demand webinar here: www.festo.co.uk/servowebinar