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Foam gasket service

02 October 2018

As part of its process producing outdoor LED light fittings to meet IP66 requirements, TRT Lighting uses a bespoke FIPFG (Form in Place Foam Gasket) service from techsil where a six axis robot dispenses a single-component liquid polyurethane foam bead onto a substrate. The PU cures forming a fine, uniform, closed cell foam structure.

The FIPFG service not only allowed TRT to increase their productivity but also provided a high quality, reliable solution that passed all relevant testing and verification.

Steve Green, Techsil’s Application Engineer explains: “The project was successful in 2 ways. 1) The lids from stock are being fed to the production line already sealed and 2) the labour utilised in hand applying the gasket is deployed elsewhere. The material performed very well under stress tests and provided a reliable, aesthetically pleasing bond.”

“Short cycle times save time and money. If a manufacturer produces small volumes or has intermittent production, then subcontracting their FIPG system can be very cost effective,” says Green.

Dispensing of only one component ensures that even very small sealing gaskets can be produced accurately without any problems. However intricate the part, a perfectly engineered foam gasket can be applied; from micro-dispensing of gaskets to replace o-rings, to high volume applications of foam to doors of switch cabinets.

Furthermore, the thixotropic properties of the foam ensure that very complicated tri-dimensional shapes and cross-sectional variations can be accommodated.