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Handles for high temperatures

07 March 2022

WHEN SPECIALIST in the production of machines for industrial printing, Keller, needed to source a handle capable of operating in temperatures up to 250°C, the company turned to Elesa for a solution.

The machine Keller need the handle for heats moulds and maintains low cooldowns, with changeover times being a crucial factor for optimal operations. Elesa proposed the MMT. handle for heat insulation, which has subseqently been adopted by Keller to serve as an ideal solution.

The MMT. handle is composed of a round steel cross section bar, with fine ground matte chrome-plated surface and a heat insulation element in glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer. It is available in black colour, with matte finish.

A series of internal aeration canals in the technopolymer element allows excellent heat insulation, which minimises heat transfer to the operator’s hands, ensuring a firm and safe grip. The ergonomic design helps to facilitate the grip, keeping the operator’s fingers away from the heat source. Heat insulation is the fundamental feature of the MMT handle which also makes it ideal for use on opening doors of stoves and fireplaces.

Testing was carried out internally via Elesa laboratories with continuous working temperatures up to 200°C. The results showed that the MMT. handle transmitted a temperature between 65°C and 90°C on the element in technopolymer.                                                                                                                       

Designing solutions that guarantee the highest level of safety, comfort and quality is reported to be at the heart of Elesa ethics. Once again, the range of Elesa standard components has demonstrated to be able to meet specific customer needs, without having to resort to customisations.