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Motor replicas with two shaft ends

10 August 2021

MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN built two bespoke slip ring motors to drive the mills in a cement plant in the Middle East: replicas of the original motors, each with two shaft ends and precisely fitting all existing interfaces.

One shaft end is coupled to the respective cement mill via a gearbox, while the second shaft end connects to an auxiliary drive that is used to position the rotor during maintenance work. Menzel’s motor design ensures full mechanical and electrical compatibility with the failed previously installed machines.

The original manufacturer no longer offers this design, which features relatively unusual dimensions. The 6-pole AC motors with a rated power of 2400kW and a rated voltage of 6600kV meets the IEC / EN 60034-1 standard. The carefully replicated design included, among other things, fitting the motors with sleeve bearings.

In addition, Menzel designed the motors for double-pipe ventilation (IP23/IC37, previously: IPR44). This cooling type in particular required the motors to exactly match the in-situ parameters. The very short total length of the motors is determined by fixed couplings on both ends. In order to meet this requirement, Menzel positioned the slip ring chamber not externally but between the bearing seats.