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Scale-up capacity with smart tool changing

22 April 2020

RARUK Automation is pushing the boundaries of automation flexibility with the introduction of the SMARTSHIFT tool changer. Designed to operate with all models in its Universal Robots (UR) range of collaborative robots, the system cuts production time and errors and allows companies to scale-up capacity with ease.

SMARTSHIFT tool holder attaches to the wrist of the robot, enabling it to quickly and easily switch from one tool to another.  This allows several tools to operate in the same area, to complete a particular set of tasks.  As a result, the tool changer reduces set-up times and provides greater versatility.  It increases scope for production to be rationalised and floorspace freed up for other tasks.

This highly durable system is easy to set-up manually but is best used in tandem with the URCaps shortcut platform for UR-approved accessories and peripherals.  Having taught the robot the tool gripper centre point by simply moving it into the tool gripper, the user simply programmes the selected tool to perform the required operation.  The process takes a matter of minutes.

For more information on SMARTSHIFT and to see it in action in an automated welding application go to https://www.rarukautomation.com/collaborative-robots/tool-changing/