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Non-contact measurement system for cobot

26 October 2022

A FULLY traceable, automated non-contact gauging system is now available from RARUK Automation. Introduced as a plug and play accessory for the company’s e-Series range Universal Robot 6-axis collaborative robot arms, the Vectro-2 is the brainchild of Third Dimension, a company with a long track record of supplying non-contact optical measurement systems.

Vectro 2 enables automated 2D profile measurements to be taken quickly and accurately.  The kit contains all the pre-configured hardware and software required for easy installation and rapid deployment. Measurement data can be used for inspection and quality control purposes or fed back to the production process for closed loop control to minimise defects and waste.

This innovative system can measure a wide variety of parameters -–gap and flush, edge, radius, chamfer, angle and many other critical features in the manufacturing process. Thanks to the violet laser technology used in the Vectro 2’s new T-series sensor heads, it can be confidently used on challenging surfaces such as high gloss paint, glass, plastics, bare metal and fabrics.

RARUK Automation is the only UK distributor to hold platinum status, achieved through the depth of its technical expertise in identifying applications that can be successfully automated.  The addition of Vectro 2 to its portfolio, significantly widens the scope of this work.

The UR+ certified URCap software plug-in for the Universal Robots e-Series allows RARUK Automation to help its customers fully integrate Vectro 2 within the UR Polyscope environment. Commands are simply dropped into the program tree and the appropriate toolpath selected from a drop-down list.

Measurement results can be stored locally or output in real-time to a network location using TCP/IP protocol over standard ethernet hardware.  Results can also be assigned to Polyscope program variables enabling powerful data-driven decisions to be made on the fly, to guide an intelligent inspection process or provide feedback for automated process control.

Through easy graphical programming, Vectro 2 makes it easy to create powerful, data-driven inspection and measurement processes that dramatically improve productivity for a rapid return on investment.  And, in line with all automation systems from RARUK Automation, Vectro 2 is system that can be applied in any manufacturing environment, from small start-ups to volume production.

RARUK Automation and Vectro 2 can be seen later this month at the North East Automotive Expo 2022 on stand B29 – Thursday 29th September at the Beacon of Light, Sunderland.