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Raising awareness of unseen energy inefficiencies

03 March 2023

COMPRESSED AIR and fluid power specialist Thorite has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the unseen energy inefficiencies in compressed air systems which can lead to excessive costs.

The ‘Behind Closed Doors’ campaign urges customers to monitor what is happening in compressor houses, where leaks which go unnoticed or ignored can cause inflated energy bills.

It is calculated that powering a compressor accounts for 86% of the cost of ownership over a five year period, yet almost a third of the energy used is wasted due to inefficient practices.

Carl Davenport, Thorite’s Marketing Manager, said of the campaign: “Previously, it was easy to have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to compressors. So long as they were working as expected, the only time any attention was paid to them was during a service.

“In some cases, it could be argued that the cost of repairing a small leak in the air system might be higher than the cost of wasted energy.

“However, with energy now costing roughly double what it was a year ago - 25.46p p/kWh as of December 2022 - there’s now no longer an excuse to let leaks and inefficiencies continue to inflate energy consumption.

“We’ve launched the ‘Behind Closed Doors’ campaign to raise awareness of the financial impact compressed air leaks can have and help customers identify how they can make significant savings.”

Thorite launched the campaign at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show, where it also showcased new products in its range of energy saving solutions.

This included the MSE6-E2M from Festo, a unique energy efficiency module which delivers smart system monitoring, downtime reporting and leak detection, as well as automated shut-off and start-up of idle machines.

It can achieve energy cost savings totalling thousands of pounds, and reduce carbon emissions by up to 3.2t per year.

Thorite recently created a dedicated team to focus on helping customers reduce energy use and rein in associated costs.

At the show, Duncan McGuire, Thorite’s business development manager for the Southern region said: “Reducing energy use is hugely beneficial to our customers’ bottom line, operational efficiency and sustainability goals, so we’re passionate about offering them a wide range of options to help identify and eliminate waste.
“We’re delighted to be able to offer the MSE6-E2M as a part of our growing range of energy saving solutions.”

Other solutions offered by Thorite include:

  • A compressor data logging service, which can accrue significant but often hidden costs.
  • Leak testing, reporting and remedial work.
  • Ultra-low consumption electric double diaphragm pumps, such as Graco’s ‘QUANTM’
  • Low-cost solenoid operated isolation valves, costing as little as £60, which are wired into the compressor’s start-stop button, controlling the air supply and automatically shutting it down when the machine it is powering stops.
  • Air blower sensors which optimise the blowing process to prevent energy waste.
  • Customised smart systems control panels to increase productivity and efficiency for process-driven enterprises.
  • Cost-efficient software upgrades to master controllers to make air generation more intelligent, dependable and efficient.
  • Voltage optimisers to regulate electricity input and eliminate excess energy use.

Thorite’s ongoing commitment to supporting customers with energy reduction has seen them shortlisted for the prestigious Institute of Customer Service’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Awards, in the category of Customer Focus.