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Capital equipment & aftermarket solutions

18 January 2021

THORITE'S CAPITAL Equipment team routinely specifies and supplies compressed air systems that include several pieces of industrial hardware, from compressors, chillers and filtration equipment, to pumps and integrated pipework systems.

Thorite recently supplied a compressed air system for a specialist chemical manufacturer that included the installation of a HPC Kaeser 37kW variable speed, frequency controlled compressor, a Parker Hyperchill process chiller, and associated pipework, which enabled the customer to make significant improvements to their existing production process, while also maximising energy savings.

The customer chose a HPC compressor to provide reliable compressed air to a range of automated production machines used to manufacture a range of powders, while the Parker Hyperchill process chiller cooled the machines during the production process. In addition to the compressor and chiller, Thorite also installed a compressed air distribution network with take-offs at specified points, together with a range of transfer pumps for moving raw product directly into specific production areas.

To supplement these complex capital projects, Thorite can also provide a full aftersales support service for all customers, where full 24 hour/365 days per year back-up can be provided to protect any investment in compressed air plant and minimise production downtime.

Thorite Aftermarket Solutions is a new concept for after-sales customer care, replacing previously outdated service contracts by providing customers with a menu of service and support options that are tailored to their specific requirements. The resulting package gives customers more added value and a much more focussed service from Thorite’s team of capital equipment sales and support specialists. 

For more information, call 0800 0341 041 or email service@thorite.co.uk for a free Aftermarket Solutions brochure or talk about how the company can help you on your next project.