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Rapid fit flexible steel conduit

16 December 2022

AVAILABLE FROM specialist distributor Switchtec is a range of flexible conduit, glands and accessories manufactured by DKC.

Commonly used in general factory wiring for connections to machinery, flexible conduit is also commonly used for protecting installations across industries or for general use where mechanical protection is required.

DKC’s flexible galvanized steel conduit systems extensively protect electrical power, lighting and data cable from impact, vibration, movement, corrosion, and water ingress. The galvanised steel core is helically wound and manufactured using DKC’s reinforced internal locking mechanism, manufactured to tight tolerances ensuring a smooth core for easy pulling of cables. This mechanism gives the DKC flexible conduit excellent mechanical protection properties, yet can be flexed past the splitting point of many other solutions available on the market.

The galvanized steel maintains electrical continuity and is vacuum coated in tough flame retardant black or grey PVC which is resistant to most common oils and greases. The Flexible conduit is also available in plain galvanised steel, with EVA or polyurethane coverings which are halogen free, low smoke and low toxicity.

The DKC steel flexible conduit systems perform in a wide variety of harsh environmental conditions including extremes of temperature, dust, salinity, and UV.
The DKC flexible conduit provides high mechanical protection from impact and water ingress. It is rated to IP54 when used in conjunction with the DKC nickle plated brass straight fixed glands. However, if coupled with DKC’s Max IP range of nickle plated brass glands, the IP rating can be increased to IP69.

To complement the range is DKC's patented Rapid Fit Quick Connect Coupling which is an innovative jointing system allowing the fast, easy and reliable connection between Flexible steel conduit and rigid steel pipe conduit. The Rapid Fit Quick Connect Coupling uses a spring-loaded coupler which is attached to the Flexible Conduit and allows the Pipe Conduit to be quickly inserted with a simple push-and-click.

The connection is made within seconds and the joint itself can guarantee an ingress protection of IP67. It removes the necessity to have to thread or bend Pipe conduit, a time-consuming process in traditional installations. It allows the installer to jump through or around obstacles quickly and connect again to another pipeline or connect into a terminal box.

Other accessories which also use this patented rapid fit quick connect coupling include a box-pipe connector, box-flexible conduit connector, and Pipe to Pipe connector. Additionally, the DKC Conduit saddles, used to support Flexible or pipe Conduit, are designed for fast installation. They allow the installer to push the pipe in and with a “Click” will self-support the conduit without the need of tightening any screw.

All of these features of the DKC Flexible conduit, glands and accessories are designed to speed up the installation of conduit systems. This in turn reduces overall installation time and therefore reducing labour costs.

As with all products from Switchtec, the company’s experienced, technically qualified field sales managers are available to discuss specific needs and support in product selection. Product available Ex-stock with next day delivery available.