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Stud terminal blocks

11 September 2020

SWITCHTEC HAS introduced the SCL range of Stud Terminal blocks. These high-power stud terminals are used to terminate incoming power cables within panels, providing a reliable, safe, and secure connection and keeping cable usage to a minimum.

Aimed at OEMs, panel builders, equipment manufacturers and gen-set manufacturers these Stud terminals offer a secure cable termination in applications of high vibration or where large cable termination is needed. The Stud terminals can be fitted to standard 35mm Top Hat DIN rail or bolted down to a flat surface or a panel back plate.

Provided as single pole units, the ST series stud terminal blocks are available in 100, 125, 150, 192, 232, 269, 309, 353 & 415 Amp with a rated voltage up to 1000V and accommodate cable sizes 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185 & 240mm2.

The versatile stud terminal blocks offer many benefits and design advantages. First and foremost they can be used to establish an electromechanical connection between large cross-section, high current carrying cables with one or more wires having smaller cross-sections, with the facility to fit 2 lugs per side (back to back), making it possible to manage multiple load connections and a wide range of cable and wire sizes. They also provide the facility to interlock multiple blocks side by side, forming a compact design layout that saves space within control panels; they make it possible to distribute power in a compact space. Removeable barriers make it easy to bridge stud terminals together.

A market leading design feature of the ST series Stud terminal is the facility to fit coloured terminal covers. The hinged clip on phase covers, suitable for all sizes of Stud Terminal are available in Grey, Blue, Brown, Green and Black, making them ideal for phase identification within a panel. The covers provide IP20 protection and have the facility to insert a test probe without having to open the cover.

The Stud terminals blocks are manufactured to a high standard and utilise high-grade components including Solid copper busbar with Steel nuts & bolts making them highly resistant to thread stripping and providing excellent cable retention & electrical properties.

The SCL Stud terminal blocks available from Switchtec are CE approved, RoHS 2 compliant and manufactured in accordance with EN6947-7-1.  All products are available from stock and Switchtec field sales engineers are available to provide product selection and general design assistance.