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IP69K update expands potential uses

11 November 2020

DISTRIBUTED BY Switchtec, Sirena’s M-Line range of beacons and sounders has undergone an update that expands its potential uses and further hones the units to the specific tasks and applications in which they are asked to perform.

Sirena’s M-Line range of beacons has achieved the IP69K Ingress Protection. A simple design solution designed by Sirena, a retrofittable Collar, fits around the existing product upgrading beacons from IP66 to IP69K. This accessory suitable for the Sirena FLR, SLR & XLF beacons provides a very high protection against dust and high pressured and elevated temperatures of water, ideal solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The M-Line concept, simple yet effective, is comprised of 4 modular domes and 6 modular bases, providing a customer fit perfect product for each and every signalling application. The ranges unique modular concept allows each of the 4 domes to be mounted on any of the 6 bases, drastically reducing the number of parts stocked and allowing a much more reactive response to market needs.

The M-Line’s 4 multifunctional domes, utilising the latest LED Technology, provide a high level of optical performance. The range consists of the FLR Beacon which can provide Flashing, Rotating & Steady outputs. SLR & XLF Beacons offer a strobe effect, Flashing & Steady outputs. Lastly the SIR-E Sounder / Sounder Beacon provides a powerful sound output up to 115dB and a choice of 32 tones with 2 separate selectable outputs available at any one time. The combined SIR-E Sounder Beacon provides a combined high-level alarm and multifunction LED output which can offer 32 Selectable tones with a Steady or Flashing output.

The M-Line’s 4 multifunctional domes are available in Red, Green, Amber, Blue and White. The XLF is also available in RGB multicoloured light output with 8 selectable colours with Flashing, Rotating & Steady outputs.

The 6 M-LINE Bases consist of a Shallow Base, Deep Base, a Double Base, Wall Base, Pole Mounting Base and also a Flush Mounting Base for recessed installations. All bases are available in Grey, Red, Black or White.

The M-Line has an operating temperature range from -30 to +50˚C, available in 12/24Vac/dc and 90/240Vac and manufactured from high impact self-extinguishing material. Approvals include UL type 4X, EAC & CE.

Each component of the M-Line range has been engineered with an easy snap-together technology that allows easy and safe installation procedures in the most challenging of environments.