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Test, evaluate & keep

12 November 2018

Users of measurement sensors now have the opportunity to test Panasonic's HG-C series Laser Measurement Sensor free of charge.

The aim is to test and evaluate the new laser measurement sensor HG-C IO-Link, which has been designed for industrial use to measure distances and displacement. Typical applications for these sensors include automated production lines where products need to be differentiated, identified, checked, measured and a judgement made. Important criteria for the test are high-speed applications, high repeatability and object detection under difficult conditions in an IO-Link environment.

At the end of the testing phase the product testers will be asked to complete a questionnaire to document and summarize their results and experiences with the sensor. The feedback will be analysed by Panasonic engineers and the resulting ideas, requests and experiences will be integrated into Panasonic’s future sensor development program.

All European companies or professionals working within the field of industrial automation can apply to become a product tester. I/O Link based applications from engineers with an adequate technical background or companies with an immediate application which allows them to test the product in the field are highly welcome.