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Control panel lighting

17 October 2023

AVAILABLE THROUGH specialist distributor, Switchtec, Sirena's latest LPL LED panel light range has been specifically designed for electrical control, and distribution panels, providing optimal lighting solutions and combining efficiency, reliability, and quality in one package.

The Sirena LPL LED panel lights offer numerous advantages, making them the ideal choice for interior lighting in control panels and various applications. Key features of the LPL LED panel light range include:

Low Energy Consumption and High Efficiency: With advanced LED technology, the LPL panel lights deliver exceptional brightness while minimizing energy consumption, resulting in energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Easy Installation Options: The LPL panel light can be conveniently positioned directly on a ferromagnetic surface within the control cabinet using its magnetic base. Additionally, it can be mounted on other surfaces with the supplied screwed-on magnetic support, ensuring hassle-free installation.

Wide Voltage Range: The LPL LED panel lights can be powered by 12-24VAC or 12-48VDC in one variant, providing flexibility for different electrical setups.

Robust Build and Protection: With an ingress protection rating of IP20 and an operating temperature range of -30°C to +50°C, the LPL LED panel lights are built to withstand various operating conditions.

Durable and Unbreakable Design: Constructed with a fibreglass-reinforced polyamide base and an unbreakable polycarbonate dome, the LPL LED panel lights are designed to withstand challenging environments.

Simple Connectivity: Equipped with user-friendly connectors, the LPL panel light allows easy connection and disconnection by pressing buttons at each end of the panel light. It also allows for up to ten lamps to be connected in series.

Versatile Versions: The LPL LED panel light range is available in two versions - one with automatic switch-on when powered and another with an integrated motion sensor. Customers can choose between two brightness levels of 600 or 900 lumens to suit their specific needs.

SIRENA is a leading manufacturer of Audible & Visual signalling devices. Sirena has been designing, developing, and producing high quality audible and visual signalling devices for over 40 years. Tradition, passion, and innovation are core fundamental values of their long history.   The constant research and development of new products allows Sirena to supply updated solutions in terms of quality, performance, and economic efficiency.   All this, thanks to their in-house R&D centre, allows them to develop ranges of product that satisfy all demands that make Sirena synonymous of reliable signalling worldwide.   

As with all products from Switchtec, the company’s experienced technically qualified field sales managers are available to discuss specific needs and support in product selection.