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Panel mount LED beacons

11 May 2022

Distributed by Switchtec, Sirena’s P50 range of audible and light indicators have been engineered for automation and installation on high end electrical panels. They are based on a multichannel technology, which allows different levels of alarm via independent electrical contacts.

The audible and light indicators of the P50 range meet the demands of control panel manufacturers and those in the field of factory automation. Illuminated domes provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of machinery status. The PC body protects against vibration, dust, and atmospheric elements.

The latest multi chip LED technology allows 7 different lighting functions and is available in Red, Green, Amber, Blue and White with a 360˚ light diffusion. Also available is a RGB Multicolour version with a steady light output which allows different colours in one device. This version is particularly suitable for the automation process as they can detect the change of machine status and provide information for manual assembly processes.

The LED technology allows a better resistance to vibrations, a longer life of the product as well as a low power consumption, providing zero maintenance and drastically reducing operating costs.

The Sounder & LED beacon – P50 A LED – benefits from different types of alarm and sound effects, from steady light to random effect, consisting in an uneven flashing pattern with a sound output 80-90dB.

The panel mount Piezoelectric sounder has a 92dB Max sound output with 7 different sound functions for those areas that need operator attention via sound.

Both the beacons and sounders come in M12 4 pin connector or a prewired version and are manufactured with a high impact and self-extinguishing PC body with an ingress protection rating of IP66 ideal for the factory setting. Operating temperatures range from -30C to +50C with operating voltage of 12-24VAC/DC and 24VDC.

SIRENA is a leading manufacturer of Audible & Visual signalling devices. Sirena has been designing, developing, and producing high quality audible and visual signalling devices for over 40 years. Tradition, passion, and innovation are core fundamental values of their long history. The constant research and development of new products allows Sirena to supply updated solutions in terms of quality, performance, and economic efficiency. All this, thanks to their in-house R&D centre, allows them to develop ranges of product that satisfy all demands that make Sirena synonymous of reliable signalling worldwide. Today, Sirena offers 7 ranges of highly specialized products designed to satisfy your specific requirement

As with all products from distributor Switchtec, the company’s experienced, technically qualified field sales staff are available to discuss specific needs and to provide further information and support.