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ek robotics & OTTO Motors announce technology partnership

15 June 2022

LEADING MANUFACTURER of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for production and warehouse logistics, ek robotics has entered a global technology partnership with OTTO Motors, leading developer of intelligent autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

The two companies will combine their core competencies to offer the best combination of AGV hardware and AMR software to customers in the manufacturing and warehousing industries worldwide.

For 59 years, ek robotics has been developing, manufacturing and integrating turnkey AGV Systems and providing service throughout their entire life cycle, which usually lasts for decades. With over 10.000 delivered transport robots and more than 1000 installed AGV systems, ek robotics is known worldwide for its broad portfolio of AGV solutions as well as its claim to the highest standards of safety, quality and service.

"Our claim is to always be able to offer our customers the most powerful, safest and most reliable solution," says Andreas Böttner, CEO of ek robotics. "AMR technology has developed rapidly in recent years and, above all, to a level that is now suitable for industrial use, which is why we are now expanding our range of services to include this technology. We have analysed the AMR market very thoroughly to find the truly best partner with the most conductive technology. Today, we are pleased and proud to announce our strategic technology partnership with OTTO Motors, enabling us to offer our customers the absolute leading AMR technology in our products from now on."

OTTO Motors is a pioneer in the AMR industry, specialising in large, mission-critical AMR installations for the world's largest companies. With more than 10 years of experience in autonomous driving, OTTO Motors has developed intelligent, safe and reliable control software for autonomous material handling. Transport robots equipped with OTTO software can navigate flexibly and responsively in fast-changing industrial environments without infrastructure, just like a human-guided vehicle.

"ek robotics is the undisputed AGV market leader. We are proud of our partnership that enables us to provide our customers with the most powerful and comprehensive material handling vehicle hardware capabilities controlled by OTTO Motors' autonomy software," says Matt Rendall, CEO of OTTO Motors: "The result is a solution that enables industrial companies and warehouse operators to increase their competitiveness in an incredibly challenging economic environment."

The combined AGV and AMR market is estimated by industry experts to exceed $18 billion by 2027. Together, ek robotics and OTTO Motors are expanding their reach globally to offer customers the most comprehensive and advanced AMR portfolio in the industry. ek robotics is now offering the X MOVE 150 and X MOVE 2000 AMR transport platforms. The 300, 600-and 1200kg payload variants are currently only available as AGVs and will also be available as AMRs in early 2023. With the X MOVE transport platform, customers can choose between AMR and AGV technology depending on their needs. ek robotics and OTTO Motors are already working on also being able to offer the VARIO MOVE forklift vehicles as AMR as quickly as possible to be able to equip all ek robotics transport robots with OTTO technology in the next step.