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Quick RoI robotics awards seek entrants

13 April 2022

THIS YEAR, igus will once again present the ROIBOT (Return on Investment in Robotics) Award for the most creative applications using its Low Cost Automation solutions and drylin drive axes. The winners will receive a robotics package of their choice worth up to €5000 from the RBTX.com marketplace.

Over 70 submissions from around the world were received for the 2019/2020 ROIBOT Award, the igus award that recognises automation projects that use cost-effective igus robotics and automation solutions. The winners, engineering students from Salzburg in Austria, constructed a mobile robot system with grippers to carry out dangerous handling tasks from a safe distance. The assembly uses a glove equipped with sensor technology allowing intuitive control by means of gestures and providing feedback. The engineers developed a drive system, battery system and a mechanical framework for the low cost, maintenance-free igus robolink D articulated arm, and the entry was impressive enough to win first place.

Second place went to Apostore’s pick-and-place system for the healthcare sector, consisting of a robot cell and a supply system to feed the bulk material. Third place went to Superwurm, a German company that farms earthworms. Superwurm used igus Low Cost Automation to develop a system that counts worms automatically and packs them in cans.

ROIBOT Award enters the next round in 2022

In 2022, the ROIBOT competition is once again searching the globe for good Low Cost Automation applications that have led to a rapid return on investment. To qualify they can use igus’s robolink articulated arm robots, drylin delta robots, Cartesian robots, and drylin drive technology. A panel of expert judges will evaluate the concept. Entries characterised by creativity and that deliver optimisation in design will receive higher ratings. The winner will receive a freely configurable robotics package worth €5000, second place receives €2500, and third place €1000 from RBTX.com.

The entry deadline is 30 April 2022. igus will present the awards in Munich at automatica 2022, the leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics. Participants can apply via www.igus.co.uk/info/roibot-award