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UAO  welcomes new members

26 October 2022

INDEPENDENT, NOT-for-profit association managing the implementation of an industrial automation shared runtime execution engine UniversalAutomation.org (UAO), has welcomed Upstate Automation and Mayer to the organisation.

UniversalAutomation.org will be welcoming Upstate Automation, a systems integrator for industrial control systems, focused on industrial manufacturers and Mayer, one of the largest wholesale distributors of electrical products and equipment in the United States, as members. 

The technological collaboration between Upstate Automation, Mayer and UniversalAutomation.Org members will drive further development of the ecosystem of portable, interoperable, “plug and produce” solutions.

“We are delighted to welcome Upstate Automation and Mayer as new members and are excited to work together to develop and support the adoption of the next generation of universal automation solutions," said John Conway, President of UniversalAutomation.Org. “This is another step forward to advancing software-centric industrial automation and shaping the next generation of automation."

“Upstate Automation joined UniversalAutomation.Org because we believe their open hardware and software philosophy will allow fast and flexible solutions to the growing complexity of today’s automation challenges," said Ken Schunk, president at Upstate Automation. “We are excited to see what the future holds in this partnership."

“We are excited to partner with UniversalAutomation.Org," said Bill Stone, vice president at Mayer. “We believe the shared source runtime execution engine based upon IEC 61499 is the best solution for customers seeking IoT connectivity and long-term benefits of efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and profitability. The world of automation has changed. Mayer Electric and Universal Automation.org, will meet the customers at this crucial junction of change.”

“As our customer’s “trusted advisor”, we are always looking for technology that not only solves today’s problems but makes our solutions “future-proof”. Universal Automation offers the fulfilment of that promise by allowing us to provide best of brands solutions to our customers," said Paul Giler, industrial market manager at Mayer. “Along with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Automation Expert (EAE) platform, we are currently implementing tomorrow’s solutions today while allowing the complete flexibility of solving tomorrows needs as they arise, without being locked into proprietary technologies.”

Upstate Automation and Mayer join current members of UniversalAutomation.org, including: Aalto University, Actemium, Advantech, Asus, Belden, Cargill, Dynamic Process, eaw Relaistechnik GmbH, ESA, ETP, ExxonMobil, Flexbridge, gr3n, Hirschmann, HTW Berlin, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Intel, Jetter, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Kongsberg Maritime, Luleå Technological University, Lumberg Automation, Phoenix Contact, ProSoft, R. Stahl, Schneider Electric, Shell, TaoTech, Wilo, Wood and Yokogawa.