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Mitsubishi Electric technology helps train future engineers

11 March 2013

A process industries training rig, built at Humberside Engineering Training Association (HETA) uses Mitsubishi Electric PLCs, HMIs and control software to provide a range of different educational scenarios for students and apprentices.

The idea behind the rig is that it provides courses in a live plant environment, so is very much more practical than computer-based simulations. It will be used by about 80 full time apprentices and 100 adults on training courses a year.

The new rig was built over a four year period, by the apprentices themselves. Initially a contractor poured the concrete for the civil works, but after that all mechanical and electrical work was undertaken by the apprentices.

It is controlled by Mitsubishi Electric SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and includes a number of Mitsubishi FX and Q series PLCs (programmable logic controllers), as well as HMIs, pumps, valves, flowmeters and other fluid management equipment. The control equipment, hardware and software, was supplied by LC Automation, one of Mitsubishi's biggest UK distributors.

Mitsubishi Electric SCADA is key to ensuring the rig's flexibility for providing tailored training modules to meet individual requirements. It is designed to provide scalable, flexible and reliable control and monitoring systems, so is a firm favourite across many industry sectors. And these same features – plus its widespread use – also make it ideal for the HETA training rig too.