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Nordson EFD’s multi-axis dispensing robots increase output and reduce production costs

27 March 2013

EFD’s new tabletop dispensing robots with a platform range from 200mm x 200mm all the way to 500mm x 500mm are a cost-effective way to increase output, accuracy, and quality in manufacturing processes where assembly fluids like adhesives, lubricants, and silicones must be applied – without hiring additional personnel or making a major investment in capital equipment.

The compact, versatile robots can apply virtually any assembly fluid with much greater accuracy and consistency than manual applicators like squeeze bottles or brushes, and more precise placement than operator-controlled pneumatic dispensers. Instead of relying on the operator to determine where to place the fluid deposit, the robot can be programmed to automatically position the dispensing tip so that fluid is applied in the same place on every part, every time. By using controlled air pressure and precision timers to regulate the amount of material applied, EFD robots remove subjective operator judgment from the dispensing equation. 

EFD’s new dispensing robots combine a precision fluid dispensing system (typically syringe-or valve-based) with an electronically controlled positioning platform. Once the syringe or dispense valve has been mounted on the positioning platform, a teaching pendant or PC is used to program the placement of the dispensing tip to produce the desired dot, line, circle, arc or fill.

By automating both the positioning and dispensing processes, this setup allows fluids to be applied much faster and with much greater positioning accuracy than even an experienced operator can provide. This improves accuracy while reducing rework, rejects and waste.

By increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing costs, in most production environments a pay-back period of less than a half year is likely, depending on product and part numbers.