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Multifunction starter with integrated motor protection

06 July 2013

Eaton has launched a multifunctional motor starter with integrated motor protection in a 30mm mounting width for motors with ratings from 0.06 to 3kW.

The new EMS electronic motor starter combines DOL start, reversing start, motor protection and emergency stopping to category 3 (EN 13849-1) in a single switching device. This reduces the wiring requirement compared to conventional switchgear assemblies by up to 60% and the proportion of hardware components required by up to as much as 70%.

Thanks to its slim, standard width throughout, the electronic motor starter optimises the use of space in the control panel, helping to ensure a uniform panel design. The use of tool-less push-in technology also keeps installation requirements to a minimum, whilst the hybrid switching technology increases the lifespan of contacts. Thanks to its compact design, the multifunctional switching device can be used in the ever diminishing space provided in the control panel, whilst also reducing mounting and wiring requirements.

Eaton uses push-in technology in order to ensure faster wiring. The terminals are simply pushed in without any tools required, thus reducing the time required for connection by up to 60 % compared to conventional screw terminals. At the same time, the push-in technology offers additional contact protection from vibrations of the switching device. Additional tightening, as is often required for screw terminals, is unnecessary.