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Shhh...planetary gears at work

03 July 2013

Designed for automation and robotics, servo drives are used for many different applications. This results in a variety of torque and backlash requirements for the gear units. Other high priority factors are power density, endurance and noise level.

The usual industry standard only provides for simple, spur gear versions. The noise level of these simply designed gear units is an indication of their limited running quality and wear resistance. And automation systems are rarely housed in noise-absorbing enclosures, so it is beneficial for operators if the noise emissions from the servo drives are kept within limits.

Now, with its new ServoFit PE range of inline planetary gear units equipped with helical gearing, Stober has launched a product range which ensures very low noise levels and high smoothness of operation, compared to spur gear units. The single piece housing (a monobloc design) offers exceptional stability and, with its integral zero backlash clamp coupling, the integral motor adapter caters for mounting any servo or stepper motor. It takes barely a minute to adapt a motor. The precise centring of the servo motor prevents mounting errors and a single clamping screw produces the interference fit. The effects of thermal expansion are accommodated.

For special motors, adapter versions for any interface layout can be supplied on request. For example, a modified gear unit version allows Stober synchronous servo motors to be mounted directly without a coupling. The motor shaft, designed in the form of a coupling hub, then accepts the sun gear shaft directly. This integrated design eliminates the standard connecting coupling, and therefore the space normally required.

In this case, motors in the EZ, ED and EK series are used. In combination with the new, equally compact EZ synchronous servo motor, extremely short and therefore relatively lightweight servo drives can be obtained.

The SMS PE-EZ planetary geared motor version has a no-coupling integrated gear and motor construction, which results in a super compact, quiet running, weight saving automation drive.

Sizes go from the smallest PE2 (55mm SQ) upto PE5 (145mm SQ) with torques up to 300Nm, all being available in single and two stage versions with ratios upto 100:1.