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Quick connection

14 October 2014

HMS Industrial Networks has expanded the Netbiter Remote Management offering to include three different services catering for different user needs, as well as a new Netbiter EasyConnect gateway (EC310) which communicates via Ethernet only. The dedicated services enable quick connection to a single remote machine, as well as advanced projects including multiple installations and users.

Netbiter is a cloud-based solution for remote management of equipment such as power generators, PLCs, sensors, tanks etc. Users connect a Netbiter gateway to their equipment and log in to the online data center Netbiter Argos (www.netbiter.net), where they can access their devices online.

Netbiter now includes three different services:

  • Remote Access - Free and included with a Netbiter gateway. Opens up a secure tunnel to a PLC or machine. This enables configuration, programming or debugging of almost any industrial device from any location. Users utilize their regular configuration software just as they would if they were on site.
  • View and Control - Free and included with a Netbiter gateway. Allows users to manage a single installation remotely. Online dashboards, alarms and trend graphs provide full insight from any location.
  • Manage and Analyze — Subscription-based service. For large-scale, multiple installations with several users. Users can customize the Netbiter Argos interface and integrate data into their own system with the Netbiter Argos API.

"With this new service offering, we take another step in making it easier for our customers to access their field equipment online," says Henrik Arleving, product line manager at HMS Industrial Networks. "We can now offer a quick and easy solution for monitoring a single installation online as well as powerful multi-site management with multiple users for larger installations. Netbiter can now meet even more demands for putting field equipment online, realizing the Internet of Things."

HMS also offers a new gateway, the Netbiter EC310, which sends data from the remote site via Ethernet only. This is a complement to the EC350 which communicates both via the mobile phone network (3G/GPRS) and via Ethernet.