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Easy remote access to machine data

01 December 2020

NEW FROM HMS Networks Ewon DataMailbox is a secure freemium cloud-based solution, which alllows machine builders and factory owners to easily access data from their machines anywhere in the world.

DataMailbox is an online data buffer that enables easy retrieval of data from machines. It is a part of the Ewon Talk2M cloud service.

How it works

The Ewon routers Cosy and Flexy connect to a remote machine and send data via Ethernet or cellular connection to the Talk2M cloud. The DataMailbox is a part of Talk2M allowing application developers to easily retrieve historical data from multiple Ewon gateways using a simple API call.

The results

Customers can collect data from multiple machines anywhere in the world in a highly secure process in order to analyse this data at their convenience. This allows for big data analytics and dashboards for predictive maintenance and operational intelligence.

A fast and secure way to enable access to machine data

It is possible to set up a data connection in a couple of hours, no matter how complex the IT environment is, and also scale up when necessary. Users can add machines to the process in a couple of clicks.

With the DataMailbox as a data buffer, users will avoid losing data, no matter how many sites they are collecting from as data is automatically stored and forwarded if the internet connection is down.

Users also always have access to a clean historical dataset for analytics applications.


The DataMailbox is a freemium service within the Ewon Talk2M cloud, meaning that customers can utilise it for free for an unlimited time. By moving to the Pro version, customers get covered by a unique Service Level Agreement and can process even more data.

The Freemium approach and ease of access in no way compromises the security as Ewon solutions are trendsetters in cybersecurity.

By adding this innovative service to its range of hardware, Ewon proposes an easy and scalable integrated solution to collect and process data from an unlimited number of sites, allowing customers to increase their efficiency.

“In a time when it is risky and expensive to allow people into factories, it is our duty to provide customers with an easy, secure and scalable solution to collect data from several sites, allowing users to improve their efficiency," says Francis Vander Ghinst, general manager of HMS’s Business Unit Ewon.

To help customers maximise the power of their data, Ewon has established a robust ecosystem of 2000 experienced partners, ready to quickly create efficient and integrated solutions based upon customer needs.